What Slump?  Mar 11th, 2015 
His Madness advises slumping F&I pros to channel their inner Yogi and get back to business. 
Voting for 2015 Dealers’ Choice Awards to Open March 16  Mar 11th, 2015 
Voting for Auto Dealer Monthly’s 2015 Dealers’ Choice Awards will open Monday, March 16. The awards recognize the industry’s leading third-party vendors, suppliers and finance companies. 
Audi’s “Driving Cup” Asks Students to Program Super-Cute, Teensy Audis to Drive Autonomously  Mar 11th, 2015 
Audi has made headlines with its Piloted Driving autonomous-car project, which has birthed a self-parking A7, a self-driving A6 Avant (that we’ve ridden in!), a racetrack-devouring autonomous RS7, and, most recently, an A7 that made its way from Palo Alto to Las Vegas all on its own. Now, Audi is taking Piloted Driving to a decidedly […] 
Report: Late Dinner Caused Clarkson to Punch Producer  Mar 11th, 2015 
The more we learn about Jeremy Clarkson’s latest drama, the uglier it gets. After the BBC hastily suspended the host and canceled the broadcast of this season’s remaining episodes, British tabloid The Mirror reports that the whole thing erupted when Clarkson got angry over his dinner not being served on time. We’re taking this with […] 
Hear the Ford Focus RS Snarl In Mountain-Carving Video  Mar 11th, 2015 
You know you love the Ford Focus RS. Based on the pleasant and fine-driving Focus five-door hatchback, and packing a hopped-up version of the EcoBoost Mustang’s turbo 2.3-liter four and a nifty all-wheel-drive system, it’s poised to occupy the perch at the top of the hot-hatch food chain. Here’s a good listen at what the rampaging compact sounds […] 
Porsche GT Update: More Manuals Coming, No GT2 Yet, No GT SUV Ever  Mar 11th, 2015 
The Definitive Guide to the Modern Automotive Interior: Best at a Price, Deep Dives, and More  Mar 11th, 2015 
From the March 2015 issue of Car and Driver Highly regulated, painstakingly designed, often cleverly packaged, and increasingly stuffed with technology, a modern car’s interior is equal parts engineering feat and artistic expression. Sweating the details is critical, because the cabin is the filter through which we experience the machine and the road. At its […] 
BMW R&D Exec Says RWD Is Far from Dead and He Wants “More Personality Into the Cars”  Mar 11th, 2015 
Klaus Fröhlich is BMW’s new board member of research and development, and with the rollout of a large number of new models, some of which seem to go against the core of the brand, he has a lot on his plate. While we don’t expect him to turn the brand upside down, our recent conversation […] 
Bug Out? Beetle Could Go, As Volkswagen Re-Evaluates Its Two-Door Offerings  Mar 11th, 2015 
In its quest to cut costs and raise profitability, Volkswagen is weighing options to kill several model lines and derivatives. According to a recent report in the German magazine Der Spiegel, the company is taking a particularly close look at its two-door models, and one casualty might be the Beetle, which could be killed off after […] 
Arbitration Clauses Limit Consumer Relief, CFPB Says  Mar 11th, 2015 
In a report released this week, the regulator revealed that 75% of consumers did not know whether they were subject to an arbitration clause in their agreements with their financial service providers. The study covered six different consumer finance markets, including auto loans. 
Ferman Chevrolet of Tampa Discusses the Four Chevrolet Cars That Brought Home the Kelly Blue Book 5-Year Cost To Own Award  Mar 11th, 2015 
Chevrolet offers some of the least expensive 2014 model-year vehicles to own over a five-year period. 
Nonprofit Teen Driving Solutions School Announces New Course Dates to Teach Teens Safe Driving Tactics  Mar 11th, 2015 
Teens and parents are invited to improve car control, mental preparedness and parent-teen driver communication during two-day intensive driving courses 
Clearwater's Favorite Tire Dealer and Auto Repair Shop, A1 Tire and Auto Repair, Launches Dynamic New Website  Mar 11th, 2015 
Customers can find all the information they need regarding new and used tires, auto repairs and helpful maintenance tips at 
Barbours Towing and Truck Repair Provides Emergency Towing Services for Cars and Trucks, Roadside Assistance and Wreck Service Including Accident Towing in Raleigh, Durham, Cary and on I-40 or I-85  Mar 11th, 2015 
Local professional towing company provides roadside assistance for stranded motorists 
Porsche GT Update: More Manuals Coming, No GT2 Yet, No GT SUV Ever  Mar 11th, 2015 
Porsche’s GT division has always understood the importance of exclusivity when it comes to its road cars. Production runs have been limited to numbers far below the volumes that supercar makers like Ferrari produce on an annual basis. For example, we’re told that the total build for the new Cayman GT4 is going to be […] 
ADESA Marketplace App Released For Android  Mar 11th, 2015 
ADESA’s Marketplace mobile app is now available for Android users after being exclusive to iOS since last September, the auction company announced. 
Trading Places  Mar 11th, 2015 
Ally Financial and GM Financial are both entering new phases in their evolution, and the moves they’re making were on display at NADA 2015. 
Ready to Launch: Porsche Performance Start Added to Cayenne Diesel  Mar 10th, 2015 
Porsche is adding the Performance Start function to the 2015 Cayenne diesel (as well as the 2015 Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo) as part of the optional Sport Chrono package. Although Performance Start isn’t a full-bore launch-control system like the one used to slingshot PDK-equipped 911s, Boxsters, and Caymans toward the horizon, it does allow the driver to launch the […] 
Reborn Borgward Brand Has Big Dreams—800,000 Cars By 2020!—But Many Questions Linger  Mar 10th, 2015 
The Geneva auto show is a place where the dreams of would-be automakers can take flight—or lose their battle with gravity. As an example of the former, see Jim Glickenhaus’s SCG003, which was shown in both road and racing form. For the later, there’s Borgward. To be fair, the nascent effort to reanimate the former […] 
2015 Autorama: A Mega Gallery of Detroit’s Iconic Hot Rod Show  Mar 10th, 2015 
Because you can never have too many photos of the hottest and strangest customs to descend on Detroit. 
Jeremy Clarkson Suspended from Top Gear, Show Postponed  Mar 10th, 2015 
Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended after a “fracas” with a BBC producer, The Independent reports. This Sunday’s episode of the show will not be broadcast while the BBC investigates. (Update: A report from the U.K.’s Radio Times indicates that Clarkson may have taken a swing at a producer on the show.) The BBC released […] 
Report: Jeremy Clarkson Swung at Producer, Rest of Season Canceled  Mar 10th, 2015 
After the surprise announcement earlier today that Jeremy Clarkson had been suspended from Top Gear for an unspecified “fracas” with a producer, more details have made it to the U.K. press: According to Radio Times, the host was suspended after throwing a punch at a BBC producer. The report also says that the final two […] 
GAH, THE DRONES ARE COMING: New Audi Ads Smartly Position Its Cars as Friendly Tech [Video]  Mar 10th, 2015 
What We See: The first commercial embedded below is one of two Audi recently launched to showcase what it calls “the sophisticated, yet accessible technology in the new Audi A6,” and it pays homage to both Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds and Jeff Bezos’s proposed package-delivery system. We open on an office building surrounded by platoons of menacing […] 
How We’d Spec It: The Raddest, Plaidest 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI  Mar 10th, 2015 
How We’d Spec It: The Raddest, Plaidest 2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI  Mar 10th, 2015 
We aren’t sure about you, but we spend a lot of time on automakers’ online car configurators. Whenever a new model comes out, one of the first things we do is jump on that brand’s site, and start building out a car to our liking. Most of the time, this is to confirm new-model pricing, […] 
Dispatch from the Future: Driving the 2020 Apple Car  Mar 10th, 2015 
We knew Apple could revolutionize the car—but we never imagined it would do it like this. Read on for our (obviously completely fictional) owner’s account of what it’s like to own the all-conquering Apple Car. I was as surprised as anyone when I purchased an Apple Car, but after the internet consolidation of 2018–2019, Pacific Gas & Electric was […] 
GM Now Counts 64 Deaths from Defective Ignition Switches, Still Reviewing Claims  Mar 10th, 2015 
Five weeks after General Motors closed its victim-settlement fund to new applicants, administrator Kenneth Feinberg has tallied up 13 more deaths and 30 more injuries related to ignition-switch defects the automaker admitted to hiding for 13 years. So far, the settlement fund—estimated to pay out between $400 million and $600 million—has now counted 64 deaths […] 
2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 – First Drive Review  Mar 10th, 2015 
Driven! 2016 Porsche Cayman GT4 Driven! Consider It a Gateway Drug  Mar 10th, 2015 
The Cayman GT4 manages the neat trick of being both reassuringly familiar and radically different. Nobody with prior experience of any GT-badged 911 is going to be either offended or surprised by the way the über-ized Cayman drives, or the clinical competence with which it deals with the all-important business of being thrashed around a […] 
StoneEagle Integrates with FLEX DMS  Mar 10th, 2015 
StoneEagle has completed the certification process for integration with the FLEX dealer management system, allowing customers of both companies to streamline payment and usage between the two services. 
Sales at Your Fingertips  Mar 10th, 2015 
The explosion in smartphone usage among car shoppers put phone leads ahead of Internet leads at the close of 2014, a trend reflected in the deluge of mobile-ready offerings lining the aisles at NADA 2015. 
Wells Fargo: Subprime Cap Part of ‘Ongoing Risk Management’  Mar 10th, 2015 
The bank’s dealer services division responds to the reported cap the finance source has placed on subprime auto originations. 
Ready to Charge  Mar 10th, 2015 
Auto finance sources reveal that they, too, are focused on the customer experience, and say they are ready for what’s expected to be another great year for auto sales. 
SUV Values Strengthened by Winter Weather, Black Book Data Shows  Mar 10th, 2015 
Compact SUVs retained the most value in February thanks to cold weather, according to analysts at Black Book. The average price of 2009 to 2013 model year vehicles depreciated by 1.2% during the month. 
Mass Action Suit Filed Against TrueCar  Mar 10th, 2015 
The law firm of Bellavia Blatt & Crossett has filed a mass action lawsuit against TrueCar, claiming that the lead provider’s business practices constitute false advertising. 
Zurich Takes a Bite of the Apple  Mar 10th, 2015 
At NADA 2015, Zurich North America defied expectations by debuting an F&I process built around iPad technology. 
Repairing Our Reputation  Mar 10th, 2015 
The editor thinks he knows why improving the customer experience is a top priority for finance sources this year. And he believes dealers need to get on board, especially the F&I office. 
Seismic Shift  Mar 10th, 2015 
The magazine’s resident legal expert offers her take on why state and federal regulators were so active in auto finance at the close of 2014. 
Mercedes-Benz Sprinting to Build Its Vans in New South Carolina Factory Starting in 2016  Mar 10th, 2015 
Mercedes has announced that it will start construction on the new factory in Charleston, South Carolina, in early 2016 and that once complete, the facility will furnish the North American market with a home-spun version of the next-generation Sprinter van. Currently, the Sprinter is assembled in Germany, then taken apart, shipped to the U.S. with its driveline […] 
Honda Reveals Wild New Aero Kit for IndyCar  Mar 10th, 2015 
Watch What Happens When an Airbag Deploys 1/100th Of a Second Late  Mar 10th, 2015 
Airbags are an amazing feat of engineering—a safety feature so effective, they’ve spread from the steering wheel to just about every surface of a new car’s interior. But just how quickly does an airbag have to work to do its job? Judging by this video from Honda, the margin of error is astoundingly thin: Just […] 
Honda Introduces Insane-Looking Aero Kit for 2015 IndyCar Season  Mar 10th, 2015 
Just a few weeks after Chevrolet showed its Verizon IndyCar Series aero kit, series stalwart Honda has now unveiled its own take on the 2015 rule changes. This airfoil-a-palooza won’t appear at every race, but that’s the point: Teams now have a lot more freedom to tune their own configurations, and Honda is ready with […] 
Dealer, Employee Charged With Threatening Customer  Mar 10th, 2015 
Charges were filed against the owner and an employee of F&R Auto Sales after a customer claimed they threatened her. The dealership first made headlines in January when a video of its employees harassing a pizza delivery man went viral. 
Nissan Launches Campaign for 'Self-Cleaning' Leaf  Mar 10th, 2015 
A prank video promotes incredible new repellent paint technology. 
2014 Hyundai Veloster R-Spec Road Test  Mar 9th, 2015 
The 2014 Hyundai Veloster R-Spec is an everyday rally car. 
McLaren’s Future Cars Will Be Lighter, Faster, and More Aero-Focused  Mar 9th, 2015 
When we spoke with McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt at the Geneva auto show, we didn’t just talk about the forthcoming Sports Series. The former Ford executive (he was in charge of European production) was also happy to discuss his other plans for the future of McLaren, which—you’ll be unsurprised to hear—involves cars that are faster, lighter, […] 
Let Apple Infotain You: CarPlay Coming to Just About Every Dashboard  Mar 9th, 2015 
Today is a big day for Apple fans: The company hosted a major event to detail the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch and the newly upgraded MacBook. But lest you think the event was just a drool-fest for techies, there was a significant piece of automotive news: Apple CarPlay will soon be found in dashboards across the […] 
Next-Gen VW Tiguan To Be Built in Mexico, Offer Three-Row Seating  Mar 9th, 2015 
Volkswagen is a company that likes to think it can do no wrong, so you can imagine its executives scratching their heads and then wringing their hands over the rather bleak sales performance of its Tiguan compact crossover in the U.S. market, especially at a time when its segment is on freakin’ fire. There are three reasons […] 
Recall: Leaky Hyundai Genesis Taillights May Confuse Transmission Electronics  Mar 9th, 2015 
Looking for evidence of just how complex and inscrutable modern car electronics are? Here’s some fodder for your grumpy Luddite tendencies: Hyundai has had to recall nearly 25,000 Genesis sedans for leaky taillights that can cause the transmission to display the wrong gear on the instrument panel or delay the engagement of reverse or drive. In a […] 
This Maria Sharapova Porsche Commercial Is No Smash  Mar 9th, 2015 
What We See: The spot opens on an unmanned lifeguard tower at the beginning of a new day. The lighting suggests it’s barely dawn, and clearly this beach is deserted. Or is it? From the right we see somebody emerge. Not just just any somebody, but tennis player Maria Sharapova, who pep talks us about not […] 
2015 Autorama: And the Ridler Award for Best Hot Rod Goes to . . .  Mar 9th, 2015 
One of the best events on Detroit’s automotive calendar, next to the Detroit auto show and the Woodward Dream Cruise, is Autorama, a hot-rod and custom show that’s one part SEMA, one part nostalgia-fest, and a whole ’lotta modified American iron. Although there’s plenty of great stuff at Autorama, showgoers and the customizing community most […] 
Recall Switcheroo: Chrysler Now Replacing Ignition Switches on 702,000 Cars  Mar 9th, 2015 
Eight months after submitting a recall for ignition switches that could cut the engines on 696,000 vehicles, Chrysler has concluded that it will replace the switches instead of trying to repair them, according to filings with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The 2008–2010 Dodge Grand Caravan, Journey, and Chrysler Town & Country have ignition […] 
2015 Fiat 500C Abarth Automatic – Instrumented Test  Mar 9th, 2015 
2015 Fiat 500C Abarth Automatic Test: A Self-Shifting Droptop Mini-Exotic  Mar 9th, 2015 
Look what followed us home. The little fella is noisy, a flashy dresser, and, at $32,095 out the door, pricey by the pound. Subtlety is not one of the Fiat 500C Abarth’s virtues. When we tested a manual-transmission coupe version last year, it was sent to the showers by the Ford Fiesta ST and the […] 
Škoda at Geneva Makes Us Feel Like We’re Missing Out on Something  Mar 9th, 2015 
A $25K Dodge EV Sports Car by 2025? Chrysler’s Winning Student Designer Says, “Of Course”  Mar 9th, 2015 
Anyone still harping about how today’s youth have no interest in cars should set their monocles on these four high schoolers who just topped Chrysler’s annual design competition. Joshua Blundo, an 18-year-old senior at Moultonborough Academy in New Hampshire, penned the winning sketch of a two-seat Dodge EV he envisions would be lightweight, Viper-like, and […] 
2016 Chevrolet Spark Sparks to Life with Sparky Teaser Photo  Mar 9th, 2015 
Even though Chevrolet’s Spark subcompact car has only graced the U.S. market for three years, it’s been on sale in much the same form in other parts of the world since 2009, meaning it’s time for a redesign. Right on cue, Chevrolet has announced that an all-new Spark is coming for 2016. All we know so […] 
Citizens of Portlandia—and Oregon Generally—Get Ready for a Road-Usage Tax  Mar 9th, 2015 
State governments are starting to worry about how they’ll pay for road maintenance. With the rising popularity of EVs and hybrids, and the increasing fuel efficiency of new vehicles across the board, the traditional per-gallon fuel tax that funds state road operations is looking less robust. The state of Oregon is ready to experiment with […] 
Kia-ping It Small: Kia Shows New Cee’d GT Line and Picanto  Mar 9th, 2015 
Kia-ping It Small: Kia Shows New Cee’d GT Line and Picanto  Mar 9th, 2015 
It’s a question that bears repeating: Remember when Kia was known solely as a purveyor of cheap and downright embarrassing entry-level cars? Those days are clearly now well and truly in the past. The Korean automaker has transformed itself into a design-oriented company that continues to impress the automotive world with every new launch. But are we starting to take […] 
Aston CEO on Future Product: Downsizing Bad, Manuals Good, V-12s Even Better  Mar 9th, 2015 
These are fascinating times at Aston Martin, with the recent arrivals of both a new boss—former Nissan product supremo Andy Palmer—and also a fat stack of development cash. The latter leads us to ask the former the obvious question of, “How are you planning to spend that?” The company is certainly keeping busy with the launch of […] 
2015 Autorama: And the Ridler Award for Best Hot Rod Goes to . . .  Mar 9th, 2015 
Škoda at Geneva Makes Us Feel Like We’re Missing Out on Something  Mar 9th, 2015 
The Volkswagen Group’s vast portfolio contains hidden gems that are withheld from Americans. Some of those are under the tent of Škoda, the Czech brand that once was sold in Canada as the cheapest of cheap, but never made it to the States. After being taken over by Volkswagen and receiving the special attention of […] 
Buick Auto Show Schedule for 2015  Mar 9th, 2015 
Buick will showcase its new 2015 models at upcoming auto shows. 
Guidepoint Systems to Partner With "Money Sense" Radio Show  Mar 9th, 2015 
Company to sponsor long-running program hosted by premier wealth portfolio managers 
Mercedes-AMG Reveals 2015 F1 Safety Car Lineup, and It’s Full of Sexy Gloriousness  Mar 6th, 2015 
Mercedes-Benz has been supplying Formula 1 with safety cars forever, with the most recent two—a C63 AMG Estate and an SLS AMG—being nearly as awesome as the open-wheel cars dicing it up for the F1 championship. But the time has come to replace those rides; the SLS AMG is dead, and the formerly Mercedes-Benz C63 […] 
Mercedes-AMG Reveals 2015 F1 Safety Car Lineup, and It’s Full of Sexy Gloriousness  Mar 6th, 2015 
Video: Ferrari F12 Versus Tesla P85D Drag Race  Mar 6th, 2015 
The web is loaded with Tesla P85D videos showing just how awesome the 691-hp electric supersedan is when stacked against similarly powered machinery. With AWD and instant torque, it’s pretty nasty at the strip—so much so that after one embarrassing video, a Dodge Hellcat owner produced one of the more hilarious rants in recent memory. […] 
A Touch of Class (or Not): The Geneva Show’s Weird and Outrageous Side  Mar 6th, 2015 
Because not every car at the Geneva show is some high-dollar exotic already guaranteed entry to the 2077 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. 
Here’s What a 1500-hp Turbo Mustang Drag Can Do to a GT-R [Video]  Mar 6th, 2015 
Koenigsegg seems pretty proud of the Regera, what with its 1500-hp hybrid driveline and fancy single-speed transmission. This Mustang thinks that’s cute. There’s a Coyote-based V-8 under the hood punched out to an undisclosed displacement. We do know there’s an 82-mm precision turbo force-feeding the block, though, and along with a little help from some nitrous, […] 
Hocus Focus: More Pricing Details for the 2015 Ford Focus than You Ever Wanted to Know  Mar 6th, 2015 
Hocus Focus: More Pricing Details for the 2015 Ford Focus than You Ever Wanted to Know  Mar 6th, 2015 
The Ford Focus received a friendly, Fusion-y refresh for 2015. Other than some minor body changes, suspension and steering tuning, new safety and body kit options, and a 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost engine option, it’s the same little car we like. Price increases range from $95 on the Titanium to $745 on the ST, with the electric […] 
Geared for Luxury: 2015 Cadillac Escalade 8-Speed Automatic Tested  Mar 6th, 2015 
Now in its fourth generation since its 1999 introduction, the Cadillac Escalade remains one of the automotive world’s patron saints of conspicuous consumption. Checking in 1.5 inches wider, 1.4 inches longer, and about 100 pounds heavier than the model it replaced, the large-livin’ 2015 Escalade makes no excuses for its imposing presence. READ MORE ›› 
2015 Cadillac Escalade with 8-Speed Automatic – Instrumented Test  Mar 6th, 2015 
Video: Watch a Fixed-Crankshaft Engine Do Its Thing  Mar 6th, 2015 
You’re looking at one very clever piece of engineering. It’s an Adams-Farwell air-cooled, piston-driven, rotary engine—one of our 10 Most Unusual Engines of All Time. The crankshaft is fixed, connected to the frame of the car, while the crankcase rotates around it to drive the vehicle. In this case, that’s a 1906 Adams-Farwell 6A Convertible Roundabout. […] 
Koenigsegg Would Rather Build a Sedan than Compete with the Porsche 911  Mar 6th, 2015 
Koenigsegg certainly wowed the automotive world at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Between the 1160-hp Agera RS and the absolutely mind-blowing Regera with 1500 horses and no conventional transmission, it’s safe to say that Christian von Koenigsegg’s namesake hypercar company is uninterested in following convention. Which is why it’s a bit surprising to hear that the madman-in-chief could […] 
Nissan Recalls 625,000 Altimas for Wonky Hood Latches  Mar 6th, 2015 
Nissan is expanding a recall to include more late-model Altima sedans with faulty hood latches, according to a filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In September, Nissan recalled 220,423 Altimas from 2013 for secondary hood latches—the ones you actually touch after the primary latch pops the hood—that can bind due to an assembly […] 
Volkswagen Announces Passat Limited Edition: Greater Value, Few Actual Limits  Mar 6th, 2015 
Hark! On yon horizon breaks the new 2015 VW Passat Limited Edition, which certainly is an edition but isn’t particularly limited. As a replacement for the brand’s Wolfsburg and basic SE trims (the SE with Sunroof and Nav model will continue), it will occupy the second rung on the Passat ladder and aims to become the nameplate’s volume […] 
2015 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 Trail Boss: Promoted from Middle Management  Mar 6th, 2015 
Has the 2015 Chevy Colorado been biding its time at the middle-management level of off-road prowess, just waiting for the opportunity to move to the (outdoor) executive suite? Puzzled by this weird mashup of corporate talk and pickup trucks? So are we, but that’s where the newest edition of Chevy’s mid-size truck has led us: Meet the Colorado Z71 […] 
The Sbarro Aria Is One Angry-Looking Student Project  Mar 6th, 2015 
Sbarro Espera is the trade school you wish you went to instead of high school or college. Founded by Franco Sbarro, he of the small-time concept and replica car company of the same name, Sbarro Espera is where young gearheads get to build groovy concepts and one-offs. Like the Sbarro Aria shown above, built by […] 
How a Gaming Company Thinks It Can Reinvent the Gauge Cluster  Mar 6th, 2015 
For the past century, the design of your typical automotive dashboard gauge hasn’t changed much at all: numbers arranged on a dial, with a needle indicator. But more and more cars are ditching the mechanical gauges for digital displays, and it seems as if the bell is tolling for the old dials-and-pointers tradition. The increase […] 
2015 Hyundai Sonata Eco Road Test  Mar 5th, 2015 
Slow and steady may just win the midsize sedan race. 
Aston Martin CEO: Electric DBX Will Help Ensure Brand’s Survival, Increase Its Appeal to Women  Mar 5th, 2015 
It’s fair to say that the Aston Martin DBX concept was high on the list of stuff we really weren’t expecting to see when we turned up at the 2015 Geneva show—our reaction was actually closer to “Whoa! Wait, what?” as Aston yanked the sheet from its electric-powered crossover-sports-coupe-thing. But, auto-show flash aside, the vehicle apparently is being rushed […] 
11 Gorgeous Classic Rides We Found at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show  Mar 5th, 2015 
The coolest cars on display in Geneva weren't necessarily the newest. 
Aston Martin CEO: Electric DBX Will Help Ensure Brand’s Survival, Increase Its Appeal to Women  Mar 5th, 2015 
It’s Alive! 2016 Mazda Miata Production Begins!  Mar 5th, 2015 
Even with all the Geneva-oriented supercar dish this week, the Miata news train rolls on without stopping for school buses, errant pedestrians, or damsels lashed to the tracks by mustache-twirling villains. Yesterday, Sergio Marchionne announced that the Fiat-ified version of the MX-5 will revive the classic 124 Spider badge. Today, Hiroshima reports that the first […] 
It’s Alive! 2016 Mazda Miata Production Begins!  Mar 5th, 2015 
Video: Here’s How Ken Block Shakes Down the 845-hp Hoonicorn Mustang  Mar 5th, 2015 
Remember Ken Block’s insane, 845-hp, all-wheel-drive “Hoonicorn” ’65 Mustang? It was the vehicular star of Gymkhana 7, 12 minutes of absolute tire-shredding fury filmed in the wild streets of Los Angeles. Today comes video of Block doing a shakedown run in the Hoonicorn, entirely naked and doorless. No, no, the car was naked and doorless, you […] 
Video: Self-Drifting BMW M235i vs. Human Formula D Champ  Mar 5th, 2015 
BMW’s self-driving 2-series isn’t just about accomplishing the boring commute without your pesky human hands: It’s an experiment to help the autonomous cars of tomorrow better understand how to react to unpredictable moments. But that doesn’t sound nearly as gee-whiz as “self-drifting BMW.” And lest you say that the stoic engineers at Bayerische Motoren Werke don’t have a sense of humor, […] 
Audi Design Chief Marc Lichte Talks Next A8, Other Future Product  Mar 5th, 2015 
Marc Lichte took over as head of design at Audi in February 2014, and his influence can be seen already in the brand’s two most recent show cars, the Prologue coupe from Los Angeles and the Prologue Avant that was unveiled at Geneva. In an interview at the latter show, the former VW designer told us […] 
Ga. Legislators Table Tesla Bill  Mar 5th, 2015 
Dealers in Georgia have convinced legislators to table a bill that would allow Tesla to continue selling vehicles directly to consumers in the state. 
GSFSGroup Hries New Compliance Director  Mar 5th, 2015 
GSFSGroup has selected Lewis Kuhl as its senior counsel and director of regulatory compliance. Kuhl will be responsible for ensuring that F&I products and the company’s clients are in in compliance with state laws. 
DOJ, N.Y. Regulator Subpoena Capital One  Mar 5th, 2015 
The finance source revealed in a regulatory filing last month that it has received a subpoena from the New York District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Justice regarding its subprime auto finance business. 
Consumers Relying on Financing, Experian Reports  Mar 5th, 2015 
In 2014’s fourth quarter, the percentage of new vehicles purchased with financing increased over the previous year to reach 84%, according to Experian Automotive’s latest State of the Automotive Finance Market report. 
CNA National Named Finalist for BBB Award  Mar 5th, 2015 
The Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern and Western Arizona named the F&I product provider a finalist for the 2015 BBB Business Ethics Awards. 
Volvo V60 Gets Another Twin Engine Option in Europe, Still Doesn’t Actually Get Two Engines  Mar 5th, 2015 
The e-Golf Limited Edition Is a Cheaper VW EV  Mar 5th, 2015 
Short on dosh but desirous of Germanic electric mobility? Do the Herren und Damen and Volkswagen have a deal for you, Detleff! The company’s e-Golf Limited Edition hosts the same electrical innards as the fancier SEL, yet it costs nearly $2000 less. How’d Wolfsburg do it? Steelies replace the alloy wheels, the LED headlights get […] 
Macca Lecca Hi Macca Hiney Ho: McLaren CEO Spills Details on New Sports Series Models  Mar 5th, 2015 
The Geneva auto show wasn’t exactly short on new McLarens, with the 675LT and the P1 GTR both sitting on the company’s space-aged stand alongside a stunningly gorgeous, classic F1 GTR Longtail that was probably the most valuable car at the entire show. But when we got a chance to sit down with McLaren Automotive CEO […] 
Our Picks for the Very Best from the 2015 Geneva Auto Show  Mar 5th, 2015 
After days of champagne, executive interviews, debuts, and a ton of walking, we present our best of show for the 2015 Geneva auto show.  
Mazda Announces Global Launch of CX-3 Compact Crossover SUV  Mar 5th, 2015 
The new crossover includes the full suite of SkyActiv technology. 
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